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Cement the deal, avoid regret

If you're in travel goods, you know you're going to exhibit at The International Travel Goods Show. There's no bigger, better venue for reaching the world's travel goods retailers, and The Show's on a roll, drawing 32% more buyers last year than the year before. So why are you waiting to reserve space, when you know you're going to exhibit? If you book before June 1, 2015, you'll get the Early Bird discount rate of just $10/square foot, which is a juicy 33% savings over the standard rate of $15/square foot. It's the biggest discount possible, and this is the only time it's offered, so book now and cement the deal. You'll regret it if you don't. Contact VP, Trade Show Cathy Hays, 877-842-1938, x-707, and save big on The International Travel Goods Show, your launch pad for the 2016 selling season.

Shark Tanked?

Have you been Shark Tanked? If your company has been featured on Shark Tank, we'd love to talk with you for possible inclusion in an upcoming feature in Travel Goods Showcase magazine, and learn about your experience, good and bad. Please contact Travel Goods Showcase writer Garrett Lai if you're willing to share your story.

Kickstarted? Indiegogo-ed? Have you been crowdfunded?

Have you had a good crowdfunding experience? Know someone who has? We'd love to talk with you for an upcoming feature story in Travel Goods Showcase magazine. Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding services have become the new venture capital, and we'd love to chronicle your experience as we explore this new way of generating start-up capital and marketing momentum. Please contact Travel Goods Showcase writer Garrett Lai, and help others learn from the ups and downs of your crowdfunding story.

Travel Goods Association Releases State of the U.S. Travel Goods Market 2003-2014: Selling More for More [FULL STORY]

Consumers paid more for more travel goods in 2014, according to a new report released by the Travel Goods Association (TGA). Travel goods include luggage, backpacks, travel/sports bags, business cases/computer bags, handbags, personal leather goods, and luggage locks. TGA estimates that sales of travel goods hit a record in 2014 – estimated at $30.03 billion – with U.S. consumers increasing spending on travel goods by 5.6%.

TGA's Guide to Carry-On Guidelines [FULL STORY]

When it comes to carry-on regulations, the number one rule is: Check with the airline before every flight.

What To Know Before You Go

Visit for the latest news from theTransportation Security Administration (TSA)

Senate approves TGA-supported GSP Update Act

On May 14, the U.S. Senate approved a series of trade bills. Among the bills, the Senate overwhelmingly approved the Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015 by a vote of 97-1. This includes the TGA-supported GSP Update Act, which makes travel goods (luggage, handbags, backpacks, smartphone covers, computer bags and more) eligible for duty benefits under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program. The House will begin consideration of the legislation the first week of June. Please contact TGA's Nate Herman today to learn how you can help pass this legislation!

More California Prop 65 notices [FULL STORY]

TGA-supported coalition stops effort to overturn moratorium on trucker regulations

Thanks in part to a May 12 letter sent to Congress by TGA and more than 70 other organizations, the House Appropriations Committee defeated an amendment to the 2016 Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development funding bill that would have lifted the moratorium on regulations that limit the amount of Hours of Service (HOS) available to truckers with no proven safety benefit. On May 13, the House Appropriations Committee instead passed the bill containing a TGA-supported provision (Section 132) which keeps the moratorium in place until a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study can "demonstrate statistically significant improvement in all outcomes related to safety, operator fatigue, and driver health and longevity." The full House is expected to approve the legislation this summer.

Clever Travel Companion Launches Antitheft Women’s Tee With Hidden Compartments – For Extra Pickpocket Protection MAY 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Eagle Creek and San Dieguito River Park Team Up For Service Day April 2015 MAY 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Atlantic Luggage Announces its "Win a Trip for Four to Orlando, Florida Sweepstakes" MAY 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

LCI Brands Releases New Towels APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Travel Light, Travel Right with New Travelpro® Maxlite® Hardside Luggage Collection APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Wellspring Ideas Launches Travel Pocket to Stop Pickpockets and Electronic Identity Theft APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Squeeze in More – Go Travel Reveals a New Line of Liquid Dispensers APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]

Granite Gear’s New Wheeled Packable Duffels Pack Into Carrying Case APR 2015/PDF FILE [READ PRESS RELEASE]


Prop 65

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American Duffle’s creators searched in vain for a premium-quality, stylish bag that could survive being stuffed into overhead bins, crammed into trunks or under-seat spaces. A bag as easy to pack as it is to carry. When…


Vibrant, a 20-year-old design firm, recently entered the travel accessory market with the launch of ORB Travel, introducing unique, designer-coordinated sets of luggage straps, travel organizers and bag tags to the North American marketplace.…


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