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Sumdex, Inc.

In 1988, a 30-year old company introduced its first laptop and camera/camcorder case lines under the Solidex brand name. During a 1996 reorganization, it began building the SUMDEX brand name and later evolved into a specialized manufacturer of case products for notebook computers, digital cameras, camcorders and other handheld electronics, as well as a manufacturer of travel accessory cases, roller briefs, and computer-fitted backpacks. “SUMDEX products are designed and developed to enhance the use and protection of computer and digital electronic products by employees who are thoroughly involved and knowledgeable in the latest technology,” says Art Ondich. “We introduce three to four classes of new products annually, keeping pace with new technology introductions in computers and handheld electronics. We’re able to do that because that is all we do.”

SUMDEX products are distributed in every major country, both under the SUMDEX brand and through private label. The company’s major products are business cases and backpacks that are designed to carry and protect the full range of notebook computer designs. They also design and manufacture fashionable cases to hold and protect the newest digital cameras and camcorders, as well as travel accessory cases for holding and protecting handheld electronics and personal accessory items.

For more information visit or contact Art Ondich 888-786-3391; (772) 545-3864;

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