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Skyway Luggage Company

For nearly a century, Skyway Luggage Company has been a family-owned business that is "driven by innovation, quality, value, and integrity," explains Russ Whealy. Founded in 1910 as Seattle Suitcase, Trunk, and Bag Manufacturing Company by Abe J. Kotkins, the company was later renamed Skyway by Kotkins' son, Henry, to capitalize on the romance and excitement of airline travel. Today, Skyway manufactures and distributes an assortment of luggage, casual bags, backpacks, and business cases under the Skyway, Ascot, Northwest Trails, Modulus, Frequent Flyer, and Lewis & Hyde brand names. The company also holds licenses for the Eddie Bauer and Unionbay brands.

According to Whealy, Skyway's success is based on four key points: "A value statement is a unique and integral part of this company. We create value for our customers by providing trouble-free, highly functional products with a superb price-value relationship. We also anticipate and fulfill the needs of our retailers as a high performance partner in their effort to profitably serve their customers. In addition, we respect our employees as individuals and provide safe, comfortable, and rewarding employment in the U.S. and abroad; Lastly, we help our community by being a prudent consumer and steward of resources, as well as a responsible, contributing corporate citizen."

For more information, visit or contact Russ Whealy at 206-441-5300;

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