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myBagTag (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

In just over two years, the myBagTag brand has expanded from its native Australia to more than 15 countries around the world. The designer luggage labels are made from tough polypropylene, and conceal contact information with space for travel location addresses. They're secured with durable vinyl luggage loops and come with a "lost luggage card" to keep in your travel wallet and assist in recovering lost luggage, along with a travel tips card.

"We pride ourselves on increasing retailer's ROI by covering four key retail categories on just one stand: travel accessory, kids, gift, and souvenir," says Christina Hyde. "With over 200 stunning designs in 22 collections, we have the widest range of quality designs available; from animals, kids, sports and spa to the popular USA Collection of souvenir BagTags, there's a design to reflect the interests or personality of every buyer."

For more information, log onto, or contact Christina Hyde at +61 400 415566;

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