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Militello's Luggage

Founded in 1946, Militello's Luggage is the only travel goods specialty dealer located in the city of Buffalo, NY. Militello's evolved into a luggage business when Dominic Militello decided to place some luggage in his father's shoe repair shop after returning from military service in World War II. Current owner Wayne Bush, who purchased the business in 1984, continues to run it with the same "old-fashioned" values of customer service and commitment that were popular so many years ago.

Militello's now carries some of the finest brand names in the industry, with a wide range of luggage, briefcases, small leather goods, and travel accessories. That assortment, combined with its repair services, makes Militello's a full service store, according to Bush. "Service is often a thing of the past in the world we live in, but Militello's Luggage offers personal service to every customer. Whether a customer needs to purchase a new bag or to have an old one repaired, our commitment to personal service is unique in today's self-serve world," says Bush.

For more information, contact Wayne Bush at 716-833-1600; 206-441-5300;

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