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Hummingbird’s collection of essential gear for the adventurous traveler is manufactured by iconic outdoor gear manufacturer Cascade Designs, Inc. Inspired by the travel philosophies of company Co-founder and Chief Product Tester John Burroughs, the products are designed to lighten the load and simplify travel. The majority of the travel bags, comfort essentials and protective cases are made in the company’s Seattle U.S.A. manufacturing facility.

Hummingbird luggage and travel bags offer waterproof, rugged protection for adventure travel with very light weight. Hummingbird Comfort Essentials provide luxurious comfort on the road without taking up much space. Hummingbird Protective Cases store and protect valuables from the water and dirt encountered on off-the tourist track adventures.

"Each piece of gear in the Hummingbird Collection has been carefully designed and selected for its ability stand up to rugged ground or rough weather and every ounce is considered," states Chris Lowe. "Our mantra: The further it gets from the front door, the more indispensible it becomes."

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