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Anne McAlpin Products

"If you want to get away from it all, don't take it all with you!" That's packing expert and author Anne McAlpin's down-to-earth motto when it comes to packing light. Anne developed this packing credo working in the world cruise industry, where she noticed how much luggage voyagers packed and how much they didn't really need. That experience inspired her to write Pack it Up, now in its 15th year in print, and spurred her to launch her own line of unique handbags, totes, travel towels, organizers and packing tools, all inspired by her minimalist philosophy. Between her expert tips and signature bags, McAlpin's women's travel accessories comprise a complete travel system.

"Anne McAlpin's system allows users to pack perfectly, regardless of destination," says Natalie Muri. Multi-tasking is key, offering flexibility during the voyage and once you've reached your destination. The Traveler Series Handbags, for instance, transform into backpacks or waist packs, her velvet-soft Veleron™ Microfiber Towel doubles as an airplane blanket and a sarong, and her 100% Silk Mini-Purse also serves as an under-the-clothing passport carrier. "At Anne McAlpin Products we recognize that modern travelers wear many hats, whether traveling with family or flying solo, on a business trip or on the cruise of a lifetime," explains Muri. "They need handbags, organizers and totes to keep up with their busy lives and also the changing face of travel in today's world. Our products meet those needs."

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