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Future Gen

You’re in for a treat.

As editor-in-chief, I get to live The International Travel Goods Show twice: First in these pages, and then at The Show itself. And after editing this issue I can safely say you’re in for a bigger, better Show than ever before.

For starters, we’re back in Las Vegas, a town that does everything big. And we are big. This is our biggest Show in years, with more exhibitors, more square footage, and more items being debuted. Plus we’re returning to a newly remodeled Las Vegas Convention Center, and we’re showing in an exhibit hall that’s new to The Show, so it’s going to feel like a completely new experience. A bigger new experience.

Speaking of new, that’s a huge part of what The Show is about. New products, new exhibitors, new names and new faces. You can catch a glimpse in these pages, in our feature, “New Product Preview: It’s Game On” and “New Exhibitors: First Impressions.” It’s an incredible array of new items that will be presented this year, from smart USB charging cords (yes, there really is such a thing) to innovative new comfort items like heated neck pillows, luggage that organizes and secures its contents and new security items using the latest technology. There are lighter, sturdier, fancier rolling cases. More travel clothing that helps reduce packing bulk, enhance your personal security and personal style. Basically, if it’s a travel problem, there’s a solution for it at The Show.

The Show is the world’s biggest travel goods showcase, but it’s much more than that. With attendees and exhibitors hailing from all corners of the globe, representing more than 50 countries, The Show is also the world’s biggest meet-up of travel goods professionals. These are the people behind the products – the designers, manufacturers, the distributors who connect you with the items you need. And this is your chance to connect with them, one on one, in meaningful, memorable ways that can help you not just at The Show, but for the entire year – and the years ahead.

So while you walk The Show, hunting up that magical item that will become this year’s best seller, remember to lift your eyes occasionally from the product displays to make eye contact with the people behind the products. Take advantage of the networking opportunities presented by the TGA Opening Night Party, and the collegial atmosphere of TGA’s Awards Ceremony, to forge some new connections with your industry peers and partners.

Those new connections are the biggest reason to come to The Show. And I look forward to connecting with you there!


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