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A Win for the Big Team

AS MOST OF YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW, I WAS PRESENTED WITH THIS YEAR’S TGA Award at The International Travel Goods Show. It’s an honor I will never, ever forget. I am so very grateful, and I want to thank TGA’s Board of Directors and every one of you in the Association for this recognition, for giving me this memory that I will hold in my heart for the rest of my life.

This has always been more than a job to me, and it started when I first came to the Association in 1988, as the brand new editor-in-chief of this magazine. It turned out to be a life-changing moment. So many of the blessings in my life came as a result of accepting that position, eager to join what was to me an entirely new industry. Were it not for this job I wouldn’t have had this career that I love, and I wouldn’t have an amazing daughter who I love more than anything.

When I began working here someone told me, “This industry is a family.” And I remember thinking, family, really? But I quickly learned it is a family, and it’s a lesson that’s been driven home repeatedly over the past 25 years. And I am truly honored to be recognized by this family for my passion and commitment to this industry and Association.

I could not have won this award without the backing of an incredible staff. I am so fortunate to be able to work every day with a remarkable group of people I love and respect, who embody the kind of work ethic I saw, and still see, in both my parents. This truly is a family. My extended, wonderfully adept and talented family. And there’s nothing that shows off their talents and work ethic like the effort they put into producing The Show.

It is impossible to replicate the experience of being at The International Travel Goods Show, but this post-Show issue of Travel Goods Showcase comes close. The Show is the one time of year the entire industry gathers together — manufacturers, retailers and distributors — all under one roof. For these three days, the exhibit hall is more than the epicenter of our industry. It is our industry, with everyone participating in a terrifically dynamic, gigantic showcase for everything travel, and we’ve tried to capture that excitement with this issue’s product and events coverage, spotlighting the high points of the most important event in travel goods.

In my acceptance speech for the TGA Award I said winning the award was a win for the team. I honestly believe that’s true, and I am so proud of this team that is TGA’s staff. But I also think every year’s International Travel Goods Show is a huge win for the Big Team, that team being all of us who work in this terrific industry. This year’s Show is no exception, as you’ll see in these pages. And I hope you’ll experience it yourself at next year’s Show in Las Vegas. It will be here before we know it!


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