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We're Going Places!

The International Travel Goods Show IS STRONGER THAN EVER — THIS YEAR'S RECORD-breaking event had 30% more exhibitors taking 15% more exhibit space than last year's Show. Plus, we had our best international turnout ever, with exhibitors and buyers representing more than 50 countries.

Take a look at this issue's extensive Show coverage and you'll see how big The International Travel Goods Show has become. It really is the premiere showcase for our industry — the once-a-year, got-to-be-there event that helps drive sales success for the coming season.

This year we stepped it up, taking The Show to a new venue at Mandalay Bay, and it rapidly evolved into our biggest Travel Goods Show in recent history. So, we're doing the same thing next year, taking The Show to a newer and larger venue in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Phoenix? Three words: space, time and location. Phoenix has the space we need, with the timing we absolutely have to have, in a climate that our exhibitors and attendees have asked us for. There isn't a suitably sized venue available in Las Vegas, or any other warm weather location, in our mid-February to mid-March time frame.

Considering The Show's consistent year-over-year growth, we can't go to a smaller space without turning away exhibitors — and the whole point of The Show is to put as many manufacturers in front of as many retailers as possible.

From a timing perspective, pushing The Show earlier than mid-February puts us up against Chinese New Year, which makes procuring early product samples difficult if not impossible. Postponing past mid-March is too late for orders to arrive in time for the retail selling season.

I just returned from a site visit to Phoenix, and — mark my words — Phoenix will be terrific! The Phoenix Convention Center is a brand new, Silver LEED Certified facility, it's going to be easy to work with, and we'll have a nearly ideal floor plan.

What's more, Phoenix is easily one of the friendliest cities I've visited. The city has “ambassadors” stationed throughout the downtown area — think of them as concierges for the city. Need directions? Restaurant suggestions? Ideas for fun diversions? They've got it covered. There are dining and entertainment options galore — and everything's right there, just a few short blocks from the convention center.

And while it's tough to top Las Vegas for shows and nightlife, Phoenix has its own diversions — its terrific springtime weather makes it a golfer's mecca, it has world-famous spa resorts, and if you're a baseball fan, 15 major league teams call Phoenix headquarters for spring training — all reasons to extend your stay a day or two, and indulge.

So page through this issue and see how wonderful this year's Show was in retrospect. And think about how much grander it's going to be in 2014. We're definitely going places. Together.


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