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The International Travel Goods Show Is Your Business

IT'S THE VERY BEGINNING OF AUGUST, as i sit at my desk, and I've been going through this issue of Travel Goods Showcase, which is all about business. At almost the same time, I've been reviewing and making last-minute changes to the new website for next year's Travel Goods Show. And while they're completely separate items, it occurs to me they're actually both about the same thing, flip sides of the same coin — the travel goods business.

On the one hand, we have the business issue of Travel Goods Showcase, with a theme encompassing more than just business-oriented products. With our Made in North America feature and Nate Herman's report on the State of the Travel Goods Market, we're telling the story of what goes on in our business.

On the other hand, there's this basic fact: The International Travel Goods Show is travel goods business. It's your business show. If you're on the wholesale side, this really is your chance to show off. It's your showcase opportunity to put on a good face, to demonstrate your wares, make yourself known, connect with retailers, really show them just what your products are about and get them excited and pumped up so they'll give you a try and put your brand on their sales floors.

If you're on the retail side of the equation, The Show is your chance to go business shopping, see what's new. It's your opportunity to experience the world of travel goods like a consumer, only instead of walking the aisles and floor of a store like your own, you're strolling the largest exhibition of travel goods in the world. And instead of shopping for yourself, like a consumer, you're shopping for them, looking for items that will make an impact on your customer's travel experience.

The Show is the single most important event when it comes to your business. We hear this all the time, from retailers and exhibitors alike — when they have a good Show, they have a good year. So, it definitely pays to stack the deck, to do all you can to ensure you have a great Show experience. And the first step is planning ahead.

The 2013 Show promises to be a bigger, bolder experience than it's been in recent memory. We'll be at Mandalay Bay, which means a larger exhibit hall. And it's on the Strip, which means more spectacle, more glamour, and a bolder showcase. It also means space is at a premium — both on The Show floor and in the hotel itself — so you need to plan ahead. If you haven't booked rooms yet, now's the time — our block is reserved for a limited time, and once that window closes Mandalay Bay will be selling remaining rooms at standard Las Vegas Strip rates. And, if you're an exhibitor, now is the time to book your space before The Show is sold out.

The International Travel Goods Show is Show Business. Your show business. So, make your Show plans now. And get ready to get down to business in 2013.


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