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Back in a Big Way!

It's the Show Preview issue of Travel Goods Showcase, when we offer our sneak peek of what's happening at The International Travel Goods Show. And this year's edition promises to be spectacular: The Show returned to the Las Vegas Convention Center and sold out early, despite being on a bigger floor. The response from exhibitors has been tremendously positive, with lots of enthusiasm and new products that will debut at The Show. And we've attracted a raft of new, first-time exhibitors to The Show. What a way to start the year!

The industry is revitalizing itself, reinventing itself to suit the new traveling and economic landscape. Our New Products sneak peek is loaded with new items — lighter-weight luggage of all shapes and sizes; more compact, more versatile travel clothing, particularly outerwear; electronics cases; travel and everyday organizers — as manufacturers strive to provide more value, and give consumers more compelling reasons to re-evaluate their travel gear.

Today's consumers are much more selective than they were even a couple of years ago. Pricing is important, although it would be a mistake to call it a price-sensitive marketplace because it's not. It's a value-sensitive consumer economy, and you'll see it in the items in these pages.

Value has many definitions, and you'll find stellar examples of most every one in these pages, and at The Show:

  • Price is the most obvious form of value, and there are plenty of exhibitors who have pored over manufacturing processes and materials schedules to come up with good-quality, low-cost options for travelers.
  • Cleverness is another kind of value, and in travel goods, cleverness usually takes the form of fee-dodging innovations that let you duck overweight or oversize baggage charges.
  • Versatility — the ability to fill multiple roles — is a big part of today's travel goods landscape, as the line between everyday bags and travel bags continues to blur.
  • Durability adds a lot of value, and you'll find plenty of bags and cases built to go the distance and then some, many of them carrying lifetime warranties. And, the quality of travel goods just continues to escalate, as manufacturers hone their production techniques and employ new fabrics and materials.
  • Convenience is valuable, too, and there's a multitude of items that help travelers stay organized and on schedule while they're on-the-go.

And of course, the Show itself continues to be an unbeatable business value, reinvented and reinvigorated. It's the only place in the world you'll find the largest and most influential brands in travel goods — under one roof. It's the only time you'll be able to shake hands with every critical industry contact you'll ever need, and lay your hands on the next crop of travel goods. In other words, it's time well spent.

If this sneak peek is any indication, it's looking to be a more positive year for our industry, starting with The International Travel Goods Show.

I'll see you there!


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