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It's All Part of the Adventure

I LOVE TRAVEL. GOING DIFFERENT PLACES, DISCOVERING NEW SIGHTS and sounds and experiences. But one of the things I realized the other day, leafing through potential destinations in a travel magazine, is that the fun starts before the trip. As I read about each locale I found myself making mental checklists — where to depart from, how to get there, what to bring. One of the things I love most isn't the journey, but the anticipation, the planning, the packaging of the whole trip.

I know I'm not alone. Planning is a huge part of travel's appeal — anticipating what's to come. It's why travel magazines flourish, why we love reading travel blogs and revel in vacation research almost as much, if not more, than looking back on our own holiday photos. It's looking forward to the adventure, knowing no matter how carefully you plan, how much you read and research, the experience is never exactly what you expected. That's what makes it an adventure, those little surprises that cannot be anticipated, which often turn out to be your trip's most memorable moments.

When you think about it, that anticipation is where travel goods shine. The right luggage and accessories are just as valuable as travel info — they help you plan ahead, pack and prepare. That's where the trip really begins, and it's why I love this particular issue of Travel Goods Showcase, when we focus on travel.

Travel goods are really about being ready for the adventure, having the right things on hand so you're prepared for any eventuality, whether it's a trip across town or around the world. These are items that make a tremendous difference in people's lives. And we're not only talking about trips where people are gone overnight — at least half the items in this issue are useful every day, keeping people organized and prepared every time they leave the house.

That's really what this industry is about: We help people prepare for what lies ahead. And that's what this issue is all about, with features about the current state of retail, our photo feature on the newest-and-greatest in luggage and travel accessories, and our Travel Goods Show preview, helping you prepare for the world's largest travel goods showcase and the 2012 season.

So dig into this issue, and enjoy this look at what's ahead. That's the adventure that keeps this industry exciting — planning ahead.


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