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CONTENTS MAY 2011 | VOL. 36 NO. 2

Color Wheels
Complete Coverage of The 2011 Travel Goods Show
• Product Trends
• Retailer Impressions
• Award Winners

The color wheel explodes, beginning at twelve o'clock with Italian manufacturer Roncato and its Rosso Murales UNO Collection (MSRP $569-$625). Olivet International's hardside Skechers Starburst Collection in polycarbonate blend includes a 28" case ($280), 24" case ($240) and 20" case ($200). TrendyKid's Travel Buddies Kid's Travel Set ($89.99/set) includes an 18" ABS hard shell rolling suitcase and a matching 13" backpack. California Pak's 25" Carnival in red colorwave ($275).

Picking up at six o'clock is Heys USA's four-piece Carneval Veneziana Collection ($1,060/set), featuring the art of Charles Fazzino. The Manhattan, part of the range of International Traveller's patented Hard Shell Expander Collection including 19", 25" and 29" pieces ($500/set). Blossom, a three-piece polycarbonate expandable set from Olympia ($399.99/set). Antler USA's Liquis 4-Wheel Roller Case ($399), constructed of virgin polycarbonate.


The Future is Bright: Upswing Mood, Vibrant Energy and Bright, Bold Colors Mark 2011 Travel Goods Show [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]
It’s true: The future is bright for travel goods — so bright, in fact, you just may need shades. BY KATHY WITT

Seen at The Show [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]
Seen at The Show The hits and the hit makers — from sumptuously stylish bags and totes and rainbow-bright luggage and accessories to deliciously comfy personal comfort items and teched-up travel goods to products providing practical solutions to those offering protection from the elements and — ick — bed bugs, plus, the innovators behind them. BY KATHY WITT

The Industry Awards [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]
Meet Donald Godshaw, president and CEO of Travelon and winner of the 2011 TGA Award — the industry’s equiva­lent of a lifetime achievement award. Learn who won the Product Innovation Awards, the Community Service Award and the Buzz Award. BY GARRETT LAI

Retailer Impressions
What reso­nated with retailers at The 2011 Travel Goods Show? We talked to several retailers to get the skinny on products that left a lasting impression, products that will soon be lining store shelves — and products that consumers can expect to see in the coming year. BY KATIE REEDER


Editor's Note "Surveying the Situation" BY MICHELE MARINI PITTENGER

Travel Bits Camping, yurting, lodging, allergen-free spaces, hostel places, mystery guides, Fodor-the-spy and something that may be of interest to TGA members: For a mere $99 a year, you can leave personal items — think toiletries, tow­els, alcohol, convention supplies — at The Vegas Box, a locked box to be dropped off at your hotel next time you’re in Sin City. [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]

News & Notes Business meetings get quantified. National Travel & Tourism Week gears up. Hartmann acquires Boyt Luggage. Delta Air Lines gets some love. Travel agents rhapsodize over their bottom line. And Chuck Weisbart mentions unmentionables. [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]

TGA News Briefs The 2011 Travel Goods Show gets lots of ink, as well as air time and online coverage. The Travel Goods Association gets lots of new members. The new Travel Goods Sourcebook goes online. And The Travel Goods Show packs up its floor plan and goes back to Las Vegas for 2012. [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]

Industry Buzz People, product, milestones, moving. [DOWNLOAD PDF FILE]

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