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Prop 65 Alert

TGA member retailers and manufacturers have been increasingly targeted over the last few weeks with litigation ("60 day notices") involving California’s Proposition 65 legislation. Prop 65 requires businesses to provide "reasonable warnings" before exposing people to chemicals that California has determined to be potentially carcinogenic or may cause reproductive harm.

Prop 65 is not new — it was enacted in 1986 — but recent activity by "citizen enforcers" over lead and phthalates content in travel goods makes Prop 65 compliance an item of utmost importance for TGA’s membership. And with fines being levied at the rate of $2,500 per violation per day and recent settlements at $35,000, this should be an immediate action item for all concerned.

Complying with Prop 65 legislation and avoiding costly litigation, settlements and fines is simple — products should be labeled, and retail establishments should post signs at entryways and cash registers.

Retailers Selling to or in California

Visit the TGA homepage for info on how to comply with Prop 65 using in-store signage (samples provided).


Visit the TGA homepage for info on product labeling that will bring you into compliance with Prop 65 (sample labels provided).


  • Contact TGA’s Nate Herman, 703-797-9062, if you have general questions regarding Prop 65.
  • Contact Lisa L. Halko, of the law firm Greenberg Traurig LLP, for legal questions regarding Prop 65 compliance at 916-442-1111 x3010,

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