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(Princeton, New Jersey) Facebook is no match for face time — business travel is still the hot travel category, and central to the all-business issue of Travel Goods Showcase, which hits mailboxes now. Check it out for the latest in business travel gear, productivity tools that simplify the daily commute, keep you organized for boardroom presentations and business overnighters.

The all-business issue also highlights current trends in the travel goods industry, including the recent uptick in items Made in North America and the Travel Goods Association's annual report on the State of the Travel Goods Market that defines current trends and forecasts where the industry is headed.

Jump into The Fall Issue must-read photo spreads and features, including:

  • Made in North America — Domestic manufacturing was a hot topic at The Travel Goods Show in March, and North American production is on the rise and very much in the spotlight. We examine the re-emerging trend of domestic manufacture, how it works in today's economy and what it means to the travel goods business.
  • Power Lunches to Deal-Signing Dinners — Whether you're looking to make a boardroom statement with the latest stylish briefs or laptop backpack — or need something flashy-yet-practical for that quick overnighter — we get down to business with the newest in savvy, business-friendly travel gear.
  • Business Accessories — Productivity enhancement is the theme when it comes to business accessories. In this roundup we highlight the latest items that help you travel, rest up, look smarter and be smarter, whether it's on the daily commute or that all-important business trip.
  • State of the U.S. Travel Goods Market 2000-2011 — TGA's annual statistical survey of the travel goods market: Dollar sales are up, average prices are up in almost every category, and we're back to pre-recession levels almost across the board — but at what cost? And what does it mean for the future?

Whether your beat is travel, business travel or business itself, the Fall Issue of Travel Goods Showcase is a can't-miss issue for anyone covering the travel goods industry. Look for it in your mailbox and get the scoop. And if you're not on the mailing list, contact, 774-929-5223, to receive your copy, learn more about the Travel Goods Association, its members and their products.

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The Travel Goods Association is the world's largest trade association for travel goods, representing manufacturers, distributors and retailers of luggage and travel products, casual bags, business cases and travel accessories which in 2011 was a $21.2 billion market in the United States alone. TGA sponsors The Travel Goods Show, the world's largest trade show devoted to travel products, and publishes Travel Goods Showcase, the voice of the travel goods industry.

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