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2012 Travel Goods Show Returns to Las Vegas

It's official: The 2012 Travel Goods Show is headed back to Las Vegas.

TGA staff and the Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey or sent in comments via phone, e-mail and face-to-face. The Show is tremendously important for our industry, and we know it has a huge impact on your business. Your opinions were invaluable and we appreciate your response, which helped the Board reach its unanimous decision.

Hundreds of exhibitors and attendees alike weighed in passionately. TGA received opinions on The Show's location via the post-Show survey and unsolicited comments from exhibitors and attendees. It was apparent, right away, that people have strong opinions about the industry's largest gathering. When it comes to online surveys, a 10% return is outstanding. This year's survey netted a staggering 22% response, which speaks to the depth of TGA's member involvement, and the importance of The Show. The decision to return to Las Vegas wasn't reached lightly — the TGA Board reviewed all the data and deliberated at length before members cast their votes. And the unanimous decision was for The Travel Goods Show to go back to a stand-alone format in 2012, and to do so in Las Vegas.

Please look to the TGA website ( for further news, as we move forward in preparations for another Travel Goods Show. And we'll see you in 2012, in Las Vegas.

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