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KIVA Designs

KIVA - noun (kee-vuh), a gathering place for community council or spiritual ceremony.

"KIVA's mission is simple," said president Magi Raible. "We want to inspire people to travel by providing them with gear that is lightweight, priced right, and will get them there and back again without a hitch." KIVA bags were created to deliver reliable performance with low environmental impact, using tough, top quality hardware, and durable fabric made from recycled materials.

KIVA's exclusive Rick Steves line of luggage and accessories is practical, strong, and lightweight. Each item has been "Rick-tested" to meet the demands of America's most popular travel authority, and comes with features that make every trip smoother and more enjoyable.

"From our products to our daily lives at home and at the office, we make it our business to reduce, reuse, and recycle." said Raible. "We believe in taking environmental responsibility seriously and it is especially important to our customers, who want to be good global neighbors as they shop and travel the world. We believe in a balanced, socially responsible corporate business strategy, and we're committed to using like-minded suppliers."

"Our KIVA products give you the freedom to embark on new adventures with durable, fun and functional bags that look great and roll with any travel style. Our eco-friendly gear is designed and manufactured to hold up to even the most demanding explorer — so we can protect your belonging, and protect the earth."

For more information, visit, or contact Jerica Howard at 800-645-8818 or email us at

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