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Jet Creations

Negative is a positive, when it comes to ions and your well-being. "We create our products using the latest technology and a special material that produces negative ions," states Jason Tseng. "These negative ions help remove bad odors, clean the air, increase alertness, and concentration. They also help alleviate anxiety and depression."

Jet Creations has over 30 years of experience manufacturing CPSIA-certified inflatable items and educational gifts as well as play items for creative minds. They also offer travel and personal care products such as travel pillows, car neck rests, travel blankets, eye masks and energy pads.

Jet Creations prides itself on quick order turnaround and making customers their #1 priority. They are a direct manufacturer with a warehouse in Virginia and a main factory in China.

For more information, log on to, or contact Jason Tseng at 703-823-6225;

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